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Utility, truck and agricultural equipment logistics

In this segment, Autoport operates, along with the main manufacturers of trucks, utilities, agricultural and industrial machinery and implements, concessionaire-distributor implementers, construction companies, mining companies and fleet owners across the country and Mercosur.

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Autoport stands out for its good relationship with the entire logistics chain and, in the particular case of road implementers, it would be no different. We make the necessary connection between the Assemblers and this important productive sector of the transport segment, which has as fundamental role the development, increase and solution for the most different automotive components and systems that will add value to the vehicles destined for them. We act together with all representatives of this sector, and for this reason we can guarantee that your truck will be delivered to the correct place, within the agreed term and returned with all security and integrity.


We develop and carry out customized operations, according to the client’s plant and its specifications, in addition to keeping ourselves aligned with the CONTRAN legislation in all our activities.


Our yard management includes all the routine for loading and unloading vehicles, in addition to all the management and control activities of the operation. They are:

E Parking

International Transportation

At the international level, Autoport operates in accordance with the rules established by ABTI (Brazilian Association of International Transport) and holds the certificate of integrity number 844/95, issued by the Ministry of Transport, which enables us to operate in Mercosur.

All of our customers have our operational partners, who work with maximum safety and reliability in the cities of Buenos Aires, Zarate and Paso de Los Libres in Argentina, Montevideo in Uruguay, Santa Cruz de la Sierra, in Bolivia and, Asunción, in Paraguay.