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Risk Management

As risk management strategies, we adopt tools and protocols to provide maximum quality to our customers, partners and employees. We use preventive measures, which reduce risk factors to the work environment, people and operations, from planning to execution.

The vehicle fleet is equipped with tracking devices and the Risk Management Plan (PGR), directing the conduct of actions, which allow monitoring and control.

With safer and more efficient management, we add value, reliability and integrity to our work, ensuring the safety of people and the assets of our customers.

Information Technology

Autoport is constantly focused on innovation and the digital transformation of processes.

Our technological platform offers a complete structure that allows the construction of logistical solutions for each of our customers. They are:

Management Systems

Control of the storage and distribution of products in a optimized and integrated way.

Vix Labs

Laboratory for innovation and digital transformation.

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Customer Portal

Allows the customer to track and forecast their delivery online.

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Transmission of documents and transactions in real time, focusing on agility and reliability of processes.


Ability to integrate with customer and partner solutions.

Electronic cargo

APP with cargo conference intelligence.

Fleets and equipment

Autoport operates with a fleet of more than 800 pieces of equipment. It has the capacity to move more than 130 thousand vehicles per month, with approximately 15 thousand among vans, trucks, tractors and agricultural implements and structures with storage capacity above 7 thousand vehicles.

Autoport equipment incorporates a series of technological innovations in relation to conventional transport systems, among which we highlight: air suspension, spring-brake braking system, electro hydraulic lifting systems, loading and accommodation of vehicles, providing greater safety and comfort for those responsible for moving vehicles, as well as a significant reduction in the level of damage in transportation.